Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Nights in Neon

A frigid late November night in Detroit Michigan. We rode the People Mover around and around, taking in the city sights as the sun set.

Hungry for food, we stepped off the train car at the Greektown exit and headed toward the faint glow of pink and blue. 

Bright neon lights in the cold winter night, led us down the winding concrete stairs to the loud festive streets of Greektown. 

The lights illuminated the walkway, some flickered and gave off a low hum of electricity. It felt a little like being in an alternate universe. 

Another corner of Detroit, overflowing with character. 

We sat in a Greek restaurant, devouring delicious food and reminiscing on the fun we had that day, wandering our homeland. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Weekly Journal: The Plague

I caught the plague this week. 

Not wanting to use my precious time off as sick time, I stuffed myself with cold medicine and attempted to go to work. But after suffering a few embarrassing coughing fits and an instance where my face leaked from multiple regions, I grabbed my work computer and quarantined myself at home, where I traded my coworkers for cats. 

Funny, because I had chosen this week to be "Health Week". 

I was going to exercise every day. I was going to eat really healthy.  But instead I had the plague and spent each night laying on the couch binge watching a funny TV show and stuffing myself with who knows what kind of food. 

In other news, My hydrangea is blooming. And my best friend and I are planning another trip to New York City, which fits in perfectly with my habit of getting sick every time I'm about to fly somewhere. :) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Graveyard Fields

Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a little south of Asheville, is a meadow called Graveyard Fields. 

There isn't a gravestone in sight though.

  The name came from a vast amount of trees that had been snapped in half during a violent storm and then resembled graves. 

But that was many many years ago.  

The trees have returned. 

Much of the path though the woods is led by a winding wooden boardwalk.  Other parts are more like semi dried up mudslides that forced us to make our own little side paths to avoid getting trapped in the mud. 

It was a sunny day, after rain had been falling for weeks, but dark clouds were still swirling around the skies. A reminder that the storms weren't over yet.

We continued down the scenic trail hoping to reach the upper waterfall, but the signs were not marked well and somehow we ended up back at the parking lot without ever seeing the big waterfall.

Along the trail these little red blooms caught my eye. They had sprouted up from some lichens growing on a rock. I've never seen lichens bloom before so it was an exciting find!

Graveyard Fields is now at the top of my "Favorite Places on the Blue Ridge" list.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Weekly Journal

It's time to bring back the blogging aspect of my blog!

The house is finally painted, the windows are replaced and the shutters are gone! It's hard to believe the house finally looks like what we have been envisioning for all these years.

The cats did great during the remodel! The boys have a history of freaking out and turning against each other during times like this. But they kept their cool and were even pretty excited about the crates we got for them. They were crated because last time work was done on the house the workers opened the door to the room the cats were in, despite our warnings and the signs on the door that read "DO NOT OPEN, CATS INSIDE, and the cats nearly escaped for good!

We managed to take a break during the construction period and venture out to Asheville to see my favorite band Ghost. I'd never been to a concert before and never had much interest to ever go to one, but I couldn't resist seeing these guys when they came to town. It was quite a spectacle  and as soon as it was over I wanted to see it again! I also randomly got chosen to go up on stage as a character in part of the show but because of a communication issue they had already chosen someone else. Boo!

The day after the concert  was spent exploring new places on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A fun way to spend a Wednesday. 

One of my favorite weeks at work is the Regenerative Medicine Essentials course, where it's a week of lectures, teaching workshops, free breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.  It also means getting to explore these newly renovated buildings downtown. Listening to the interesting lectures reminds me I'm glad I ended up in this field of work.

And it's always a busy day at work growing cells!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Driving on Mars

During the dive away from the Grand Canyon, towards northern Arizona, the landscape grew more and more like nothing I had ever seen.

Around every curve was an entire new world. It was a valley, with sharp red cliffs rising up to the sky.  Then around just another curve, the road was on the top of a mountain, looking out over a flat golden plateau. Snow capped mountains stood in the distance.

It felt like another planet. Like Mars.

Every so often was a house, or a trailer, or what could be considered a minuscule town. But mostly, there was no sign of civilization. 

The farther the drive, the more alien the landscape looked. Eventually the curvy desert roads led to this bridge. Red mountains surrounded the area, while the bright blue Colorado river flowed beneath the bridge, heading towards the Grand Canyon.

The goal was to reach Monument Valley by dusk, so not much time could be spent in this foreign place. But it stands out in my mind as one of my favorite areas of Arizona. 

I hope to one day return.