Friday, June 13, 2014

Cat Photos Friday #16- New lens!

One of the first things I did when I got my new lens, was take pictures of the cats!  I love how bright they came out. Getting them to be in focus was tricky, but practice makes perfect!

These two love posing

 Jeeves avoided the camera like the plague. I only managed to snap this one of his feet before he raced off.

Happy Friday!  Partyyy!


  1. oh wow! your lens really does well with them! especially love the first picture, their big eyes side by side made me smile.

  2. Such cute photos of the kitties, more like Glamour shots!. Their fuzzy faces are so photogenic + Jeevesy's tootsies. I just want to reach out and pet them!

  3. These certainly do look like kitty glamour shots!!

  4. Oh how adorable they are posing for you.

  5. The are so beautiful <3 Love your cats! The last photo is adorable ;)

  6. HAH! That last picture. I love these cats!