Thursday, November 20, 2014

Construction Zone- Part Two

About a month ago we went back to the construction zone, to see how far it had come along.

It was as far along as I expected, but it's still neat to see the progress. It's gonna be weird to drive over that new road and remember what it used to look like.

We saw a microwave! Do the workers use that to heat their lunches or is it for some sort of construction process that I don't know about?

Even though there wasn't much going on, I still love this walk because of all the power lines to take pictures of! (Hehe)


  1. hahah welp, that microwave is the most random thing, ever. Let's hope it's for all the Lean Cuisines the workers eat :)

    xo marlen
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  2. i agree with marlen, the micro is SOOO random! i've never heard of that before!
    lovely photos. i love the light when it's just getting dark.

  3. What a weird place to see a microwave! Nice power lines & sunset pics. Interesting to see the progress down there.