Thursday, December 31, 2015

A look back on 2015

2015 was a year that started off not too great, but ended really well, At the beginning of the year I had just left a job I had grown to hate, one that I once loved and thought I would be there forever. I ended up with a different job that I hated even more, which I promptly left to go back to my original job, only to leave again a few months later. I think it's safe to say that crazy place in finally in the past, although I feel like I will always be part of it, somehow.

Once I got my job situation in order, it was a it easier to relax and just have fun! Anyway, here are so notable things that happened in 2015.

I got to see the first bulbs I planted the previous fall. They looked so pretty and I can't wait to see them again in a few months,

changed my hair! I chopped it all off last January and went through a crazy lightening process which resulted in orange hair for a few months. 

We fixed up our backyard by getting a new shed, a pergola and also put in a fence.

With the help of my land camera, I got a little 1960s obsessed, and have been on the hunt for some nice 1960s style clothes ever since.

I started making jewelry with tiny sea shells I found at the beach.

I got a new job a few months ago and am really liking it so far. Steven also got a new job and works across the street from me. We spent so long with either one, or both of us, working in another city so we really love working so close to home and not spending so much money on gas!

I went on an exciting ghost tour of the city, and learned plenty of spooky tales.

And I made delicious chocolate orange brownies!

Overall it was a pretty good year, and I can't wait to see what new exciting things happen in 2016!  We are thinking about a trip to Washington DC, and of course the usual fun trips to our favorite beach and mountains. I am hoping to have a glorious vegetable garden this year, do a lot of work with my etsy shop and maybe sell some things at a local flea market. And most importantly, just have fun no matter what!

I hope everyone else had a great year and is looking forward to 2016 as well!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Two Years of Blogging

It's hard to believe I have kept this blog going for two whole years! It's hard to believe I actually choose to write, about anything, and find it fun.

I always hated writing. I couldn't stand it. The first time I had to write a paper in college, I cried. I just couldn't figure out how to come up with enough to say about a topic to fill 2-3 whole pages. I slowly got better at writing, but I was too self conscious to let anyone read anything I wrote. It was bad enough knowing that the teacher had to read it, I didn't want anybody else looking at my words! Eventually I got over my fear of writting and by the time I graduated I could write a ten page lab report in a few short hours and not care who read it.

That day I cried over writing a paper, I would have never believed that a few years later I would be writing a little bit every day, and then posting it for the whole world to see.. Times sure have changed.

I have really enjoyed blogging these past two years. I finally found a form of journaling I actually keep up with, and I feel like the photos I take finally have a purpose now, instead of just taking up space on my hard drive and getting forgotten. It's so much fun to go back and look through all my old posts!

I also love all the lovely people I have met through blogging, and learning about what life is like all over the world. It has made me want to travel so badly and see all the beautiful places from around the world that I have read about over the last two years.

I thought it would be fun to go back and choose some favorite posts. Here they are!

Here's to many more years of blogging!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekly Journal #27

Whew, the crazy Christmas week is over! I only worked on Monday and Tuesday so it was a pretty good vacation. 

It has still been ridiculously warm here; over 70 degrees some days!  That means a lot of fog, most days you couldn't even see the tops of the buildings downtown. I took this photo on Tuesday when Steven and I walked to get lunch at Subway. It's so fun that we're both working downtown now.

I baked some Christmas eve baguettes. My third attempt. I think I am getting better!

I got some cute stuff for Christmas including a cat apron, cat socks, film, and minecraft buddies.

Since it has been so dang warm, I have been playing around in the garden and I dug up two new bonsais. I am excited to trim them up in a few months.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas week!  I love Christmas but I am looking forward to everything getting back to normal, and to get all this Christmas junk food eaten up so I can start being healthy again.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cat Photos Friday #90- It's Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

The cats are having a great time chewing on everything and playing in all the wrapping paper.

Chester loves the candy canes.

Cloud isn't too sure about them.

Cloud hopes her pouty face will get her more presents.

I hope everyone has the best Christmas ever!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Lights

It's a Christmas eve tradition to drive around and look at Christmas lights, after we're done stuffing our faces with delicious snacks while watching Christmas movies and drinking eggnog. It's such a fun way to end the night.

These are some photos I took on last year's adventure. It was a cold foggy evening, the perfect Christmas atmosphere besides snow.

I love how the houses stand out, wrapped in their rainbow lights, illuminating the darkness that surrounds them.

This house has an upside down Christmas tree inside!

Do you like to drive around and check out Christmas lights too?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weekly Journal #26

This time of year is always so busy!  I was hoping to catch up on writing some blog pots this weekend, but there was just too much to do to get ready for Christmas.
Every year I make a yummy peppermint bark, and I finally got around to doing that on Saturday.
Sunday was the yearly Christmas party at my Mom's house, it was a lot of fun!
In any spare time I can find, I have been busy playing Minecraft. I'm addicted!  Here are some trees I found on fire due to a badly placed lava pit..
I can't believe it's almost time for Christmas and then the year will be over! I am looking forward to reading back through all my old blog posts this week and remembering 2015.
Happy Christmas week!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Cat photos Friday #89- A Fun Time of Year!

Cats love this time of year!

Pretty trees to hide under, boxes to play in, paper to tear up..

So many cool things to knock down and roll around on the floor!

My mom's cats Zoe and Sookie are excited too.

Only one week to go!  Enjoy it!!