Thursday, June 30, 2016

This June

It's hard to believe, but June seems to have gone by even faster than May

June was a month of late evenings walks..

Making resin jewelry again after too long of a break...

Trying out new recipes; like eggrolls!

Going roller skating, and actually having fun.

And watching all the flowers  continue to bloom in the garden.

I am hoping that July brings more exploring, more flowers, and maybe I'll finally update my Etsy shop.

How was your June?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Natural History Museum

My favorite Smithsonian museum is the Natural History Museum. 

Not only is natural history my favorite subject to learn, but the museum itself is just magnificent. With a grand atrium extending over three stories, and visually stunning exhibits. 

I was excited to see one of my favorite animals:The Pika!!!  It's a relative to the rabbit and the cutest thing I've ever seen. I recommend watching a video, to see the Pika's full cuteness.

Another favorite of mine is the Coelacanth!  It was thought to have been extinct for millions of years, but then they were found living off the coast of South Africa, virtually unchanged from their fossil ancestors. (See video!) I love this fish and even have a Coelacanth necklace!

Why didn't I bring my necklace with me!

There was a feature that let you see what you would have looked like as an early Human relative. 

The results were hilarious.

I think my glasses are a nice touch!

The best part was that they streamed everyone's ape-like photos on a large screen for all to see, so it was amusing to see people's reactions to our funny transformations.

Pika Bones!

The Natural History museum is an incredible place and I could have easily spent plenty more hours there. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekly Journal #52

In an attempt to get back into exploring places around the city, we took a walk around the newly renovated area of downtown one evening this week. I love this part of the city and can't wait to watch it grow.

My friends talked me into going roller skating. Something I hadn't done in about 10 years and had no plans to ever do again.. But it was actually a lot of fun! Even if I did have to use dank rental skates...

My vegetable garden is finally churning out some veggies!  I don't know why it took so long. We have really terrible dirt where I live so I'll blame it on that.

Wow I can't believe we're already on the last week of June!  What happened?!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cat Photos Friday #110- Filter Fun

The other day I had the bright idea to try out Snapchat filters on the cats.

 It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I think he looks like a video game character here!

I almost died laughing at this horrendous result!

My username is lostvestige if you're interested in seeing more of the ridiculous things I post.

Try not to have any nightmares!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Space Shuttle

When planning our trip to Washington DC, visiting the space shuttle was on the top of the list! We've always been big fans of NASA and love anything about outer space, so we were very excited to have the chance to see a space shuttle in person.

The space shuttle Discovery lives at the National Air and Space museum in their hanger location which is just outside of DC. From the center of DC it was was about a 45 minute metro ride, and then a 20 minute bus ride after that, but it was worth it. The Hanger is part of the Smithsonian so it was completely free to visit.

The Discovery space shuttle launched into space a total of 39 times, which was more than any other shuttle in the fleet. Discovery was also the shuttle that carried the Hubble space telescope into orbit. It was pretty amazing to see it in person, knowing how many times it had flown into space. 

No final repairs or cleaning was done on discovery because they wanted to show the full effects that space travel had on him.

The whole space exhibit was really neat. There were satellites hanging from the ceiling like Christmas decorations.

They also had a collection of cameras that had been used in space, which I loved!

I was excited to see that NASA was also a Nikon fan :)

Seeing the space shuttle was definitely one of my favorite things about the trip.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Clay River

A river runs along our favorite trail.

 One evening after a heavy rain we decided to take a walk and see how much the water had risen after the storm.

We were mildly surprised to see the water was a bright red orange! 

Instead of regular dirt, North Carolina is covered in red clay, and when it rained, all the clay washed into the river and turned it this strange color.

The clay made quite a contrast against the bright green leaves.

It rained so much that the path had gotten flooded.

Even though the water was only a few inches deep over the path, the clay was so thick that I couldn't see the bottom and I was afraid to walk all the way across.

It was definitely an interesting sight!