Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dark Shadows in the Christmas Tree Patch

Every year, on a cold winter’s evening, we all pile in the car to go to our favorite Christmas Tree patch and help my Mom pick out her tree.

The tree patch pops up in late November and surrounds the Krankies coffee air stream trailer with fresh evergreen trees, patiently waiting for a home.

I love running around through the rows of trees in the icy night air, under the string lights, searching for the perfect tree.

The trees cast long shadows over the parking lot and buildings. Everything feels a little spooky.

Especially near the Christmas Tree graveyard!

Before long we found the perfect little tree and my Mom posed with it.

I love the atmosphere of the Christmas Tree lot at night, with the dim lights, the scent of pine and coffee drifting through the air, and the tall shadows cast by the trees as they sit in long rows, waiting to be taken home.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chester and the Falling Leavs

Fall is Chester's Favorite time of year.

He sits in the windows all day, watching the leaves fall. Batting at the ones that fly close.

He runs through the house, to different windows, getting the best view of the falling leaves.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lost in Brooklyn, Searching for Christmas Lights

Exploring New York City last Christmas. 
We took an above ground subway train across the bridge into Brooklyn for a view of the city skyline.

We rode the subway deep into Brooklyn. I got carried away taking pictures. 

We got off the train, way farther than we had planned on going, and had to decide where to go next. The sun was setting and I remembered there was some neighborhood that was supposed to have extreme Christmas decorations. It was a bit far, but we got back on the subway to head towards the neighborhood of Dyker Heights.

We traveled for some time on the subway, underground now, only to find that the line we needed to take was down for maintenance! According to the map, and the routes we would have to take, we were now even further away! We rode around and around, all over the place, coming up once, only to be confused when google maps led us to an old unused subway station in the middle of a busy intersection.

Back underground we went, not exactly sure where we were, and even less sure where we would end up. 

Eventually we found our way, and emerged from the ground, tired and starving. 
The subway let us out right at a Shake Shack. 
We didn't think twice and walked right in to pig out on some food.

Finally it was time to walk many city blocks, in the frigid night, to see the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights.

At first, the streets were mainly, dark, no signs of life. Did we make a mistake? Were we going to right way?

But then, straight ahead.. Lights!  Everywhere!! 

Nearly every house, for many blocks, was covered in lights and decorations. 
As far as the eye could see. 

A blend of Christmas songs filled the cold night air.

Crowds of people filled the streets. Vans and buses full of even more people unloaded and joined the crowd. 

It could be a bit disorienting at times. Hard to remember what street you had been down already, and how far you had gone. 

Some light displays were so amazing, I couldn't look away.

Visiting the Christmas neighborhood of Dyker Heights was well worth the crazy subway adventure. We wandered around for quite some time, but didn't even see all of the houses. I was already dreaming of my return as we rode the subway back to the hotel. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Under the Neon Carnival Lights

When the sun sets, and the glowing lights flash on, the fair becomes an entirely different world..

..A strange neon sort of world, almost like stepping into an alternate reality.  With distorted colors and sounds, everywhere you turn.

A world where time seems to stand still. Full  of bizarre sights, illuminated by strange colored lights, little stands selling peculiar food, and dizzying rides towering high above. 

The cheerful pastel land from the day, has become a little more sinister. 

The neon lights flashing rainbow colors, illuminate the dark shadows where I stand, away from the crowd. Capturing the eerie atmosphere of the traveling carnival. 

The crowds lessen as the night goes on. I'd like to stay until everyone goes home, and explore the vacant carnival grounds.