Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adventures of a Tiny Snowman

Last year I made a tiny snowman and took him on a photo shoot around the yard

I left him on the front porch and the next morning he had vanished, without so much as a puddle of evidence. I like to think he just wandered off to a colder place and is still hanging out somewhere.


  1. That's adorable! Aren't you clever? I remember that fabulous guy.
    Xo mom

  2. Haha, too adorable!
    Need to recreate this idea when it snows again here!

    Have a great week,

  3. Wow, incredible pictures :)

  4. Cute! Are you over this cold as I? Frozen cold water pipe in our new house did it for me. I enjoy a bit of snow but usually it melts within 24 hours and I like that. At least it did that in the RDU area, is this the norm for WS?

    1. I think the snow sticks around a little longer in my area, I like the snow so I don't mind! I am definitely ready for spring though!

  5. agh, he is so cute! i love the third to last picture. so cool that he just dissipeared. sounds like a good story

  6. These photos are just the sweetest! I love your idea, and he was beyond-words adorable.<3

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  7. Haha this made my day, I wonder if he's still wandering the streets, shame he never sent you a postcard!

  8. "Wandered off to a colder place." - I think he went to go hang out with his cousin, Olaf!