Sunday, March 15, 2015

What I Wore in the Snow

Outfit Details
Jeans: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Shirt: Thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Boots: My mom!

When it snowed the other week, it actually stuck around for quite a while because the temperature never got above freezing. That meant I got to take outfit pictures in it on Saturday!

This is pretty much a typical winter outfit for me, jeans with leggings underneath, a sweater dresses up with a button down, and some boots. I would prefer to wear something cuter, like a dress or a skirt, but putting an outfit like that together in the winter without being freezing can get too complicated. It's a lot easier to just throw on jeans and a sweater! 

These boots used to be my mom's but she gave them to me a few years ago. I quite like them!


  1. I looove the comfort of leggings under jeans on really cold days. Hahaha
    The outfit is beautiful! Regardless of it being a sweater and jeans look. :)
    And those boots are lovely! Good job on amazing taste, mom!

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  2. very cute boots. and i agree, it can be much easier to just throw on jeans, and warmer too! now you're making me miss the snow...

  3. I love those boots! After all these years they are still cute & holding up. Wonderful comfortable outfit good for whatever snow day activities you do. I don't miss all that snow one bit!
    xo mom