Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weekly Journal #26

This time of year is always so busy!  I was hoping to catch up on writing some blog pots this weekend, but there was just too much to do to get ready for Christmas.
Every year I make a yummy peppermint bark, and I finally got around to doing that on Saturday.
Sunday was the yearly Christmas party at my Mom's house, it was a lot of fun!
In any spare time I can find, I have been busy playing Minecraft. I'm addicted!  Here are some trees I found on fire due to a badly placed lava pit..
I can't believe it's almost time for Christmas and then the year will be over! I am looking forward to reading back through all my old blog posts this week and remembering 2015.
Happy Christmas week!


  1. Your mom's parties always look like so much fun!! And if you ever feel like it, I'd love to read a post with you sharing your recipe and steps for peppermint bark, i love that stuff!

  2. The party looked so lovely! Have a great Christmas :)

  3. That peppermint bark looks very cool!

    Have a great Christmas,

  4. Christmas is such a crazy busy time! There's always so much preparation - presents to choose, buy, wrap & fun to be had. I love every minute of it. Did you take any more photos of the annual Christmas party?